WindOnTheWater Status

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9/1/2010: Wind phone will probably always be a bit flaky/intermittent with the machine I'm using. It is running on an old 486 with 300Mhz/256MB of memory. If anyone has an old PC lying around (at least 500Mhz/512MB of RAM) to donate to the cause, please contact me!

Thank you for understanding problems with this free service.

Old resolved issues:

(RESOLVED) 8/7/2010 - Wind phone, on demand text messages are probably going to be done for a while. Might partially be working, but server is probably on last legs.

(RESOLVED) New server 3/16/2009. Bound to be a few problems after this major upgrade. Webpage will be much more stable going forward. Mostly stable now.

(RESOLVED) 5/22/2010 - wind data stream interrupted for 9 hours due to a code bug.

(RESOLVED) 5/17/2010 - wind phone and on demand text messages are down for a bit.

(RESOLVED) 5/3/2010 - Server issues caused crash, will probably take a few days to get things working again.

(RESOLVED) 4/9/2010 - Web pages loading really slowly, trying to figure out what is going on.. Server is experiencing high loads for some reason. Root caused to high IOwait.. Need to optimize database to avoid using swap. Switched to a better setup for the hardware setup.

(RESOLVED) 4/5/2010 - On demand sms and wind phone down for a few days as I'm mucking with that (and on vacation).

(RESOLVED) 3/15/2009 - Moving to a new server.. There will be some down time. Thanks for your patience, this will result in faster and much more stable webpage with very little downtime..

(RESOLVED) 11/13/2009 Power supply died, alerts, wind phone, sms dead. Installed new power supply and all issues resolved.

(RESOLVED) 8/10/2009 Many wind alerts are bouncing for the last few days. For example I think my webserver is getting marked as spam. Switched to use gmail for sending emails.

(RESOLVED) 6/11/2009
On demand text message not working.. Probably won't be fixed for a couple weeks.

(RESOLVED) 6/1/2009
I'm moving to a new house.. Text messages and wind phone will be down until things are going at the new place. Move completed (sort of).

(RESOLVED) 5/28/2009
On demand text messages are down, will try to fix this evening. Root caused as some server port issues, phone calls were not arriving for the past week for on demand text message number.

(RESOLVED) 5/26/2009
Phone system is down for the rest of the day, some sort of server issue. On demand text messages and the wind phone will not be working. When the system is down, you will get a voicemail prompt. Voicemails will not be checked. Click here to email me to make sure I know about the issue.. If there are issues I'll post here.

(RESOLVED) 5/23/2009
Disk space limit reached, some problems with latest sensor readings.

(RESOLVED) 5/20/2009
Some issues with phone system.

Phone system is sometimes flaky/choppy. This is a known issue and probably needs a better/faster computer, maybe upgrade in the future.