On Demand Text Messages

Sorry - this is out of service

Text Message On Demand phone number: 206-203-7056

You can try this without an account, just call the number above from a cell phone, let it ring once then hangup. A text message (or maybe 2) should arrive within a few minutes containing current gorge wind sensor data. Once a call is received, a text message is sent to callerid@teleflip.com. Sometimes there are delays in routing the text message.

If a text message does not arrive within 10 minutes, try sending yourself a text message at that email address. To customize the text message, remove the "number not configured" message, and pick a different email address, you can create an account.

Your cell phone service will charge the standard incoming text message/SMS fee. For example, AT&T might charge $.20 per incoming message. WOTW does not charge any fee.