Donations 2010

Thank you for using

My motivation for this website is to provide a useful service that helps me and others find current wind. This website has existed since 2007, and I have slowly added new features and fixed issues. It has been a free service, and I want to continue running it as a free service, but am now looking to offset some of the costs involved in this project on a yearly basis with donations.

Please consider a donation to this website for 2010 if you find it useful. With a donation, you get a vote on improvements or features (one vote per US dollar). This will help guide me to fixing/improving things that are useful to users. I've been mainly focused on things that I personally use, and at this point want to shift more towards users needs.

To donate, use the Donate button above.

thank you


List of current features provided:
1) Real time wind - real time data collected and shown on the map.
2) Site Weather - Site by site real time data, and ok on a smartphone.
3) Favorite sensors - Graphical view of favorite sensors
4) Iphone compatible webpage - Best with Iphone, but may work with other phones
5) Free Wind Phone - Regular voice call to get wind
6) Wind Alerts - Email/SMS when the wind is up.
7) On Demand Text Messages - Call a number, get an SMS

Ideas for features/improvements to vote on:
-New wind sensor data sources
-More user customization (i.e. favorites on a map)
-Faster load times for webpages
-Better looking front page/map
-Support for other units besides mph/Fahrenheit
-Iphone/android/smartphone improvements
-Wind phone reliability and features
-Tides integration
-Anything else