Columbia River Dams Data

Notes on searching for water levels and flow rate through the dams on the Columbia River:

Several different sources of data selected from map interface:

Grapher for various sites from USGS:

Nice data visualization, outflow compared to 10 year average:

Table format of discharge rate:

Quick way to check current discharge from John Day Dam:

Water heights (relative to sensor depth).
Below Bonneville:
Below The Dalles:
Above The Dalles:
Below John Day:
Above John Day?:
Below McNary:
Above McNary:

Could not find definitions of these terms, my best guess:
spill = water that is spilled over/through the dam that doesn't pass the turbines
outflow = water that goes out of the turbines
discharge = outflow + spill (all water that goes past a dam)
inflow = water that goes into the turbines (not sure why this doesn't match outflow)