3 bed, 1.5 bath for rent in Hood River Winter

Available for 12 month lease in May 2015, or perhaps a summer rental 2015.
Please contact funkysub@gmail.com for more information.

3 bedroom, 1.5 bath condo in Hood River Heights
1200 sq feet of living space plus extended single car garage. New paint and carpet.
Summer monthly rental includes all utilities: electric, garbage, water.
Winter rental includes garbage, water, landscaping, and snow removal.

Furnished with couches, dining room table and chairs, washer and dryer.
1200 sq feet with attached single car garage
No smoking or pets.

2011 Update

Click to view new Smartphone page
Best from an iphone or ipad with a good data connection.. More features are in progress.

Tides are now displayed for various sites.
Where available, the measured water level graph is shown.
Otherwise an estimated graph of the tide is generated.
Estimated Tide tables are also calculated.

Columbia River Dams Data

Notes on searching for water levels and flow rate through the dams on the Columbia River:

Several different sources of data selected from map interface:

Grapher for various sites from USGS:

Nice data visualization, outflow compared to 10 year average:

Simple API

A few people have asked to use WOTW data.
I'm making a simple API available to make sharing data easier.
Features can be added on request.

wind - get real time wind in XML format
v = version (1 = latest version)
r = region code (or - oregon, wa - washington, bc - british columbia, nw - nw region of or/wa/bc, ca - california)
k = user key (test- low volume api testing)
example: http://windonthewater.com/api/region_wind.php?v=1&r=nw&k=test
wind graph - get png graph of day of graph
v = version (1 = basic graph)

WOTW wind sensor update

Update on the wind sensor development - Beta units are installed in a few locations.
Link to details: WOTW Wind Sensor

I'm looking for volunteers to host beta wind sensors in good locations.

South Oregon Coast Wind

Nice stretch of wind on the southern Oregon coast.
I got a taste of it on just one day, the sensor doesn't lie.

Donations 2010

Thank you for using WindOnTheWater.com.

My motivation for this website is to provide a useful service that helps me and others find current wind. This website has existed since 2007, and I have slowly added new features and fixed issues. It has been a free service, and I want to continue running it as a free service, but am now looking to offset some of the costs involved in this project on a yearly basis with donations.

Please consider a donation to this website for 2010 if you find it useful. With a donation, you get a vote on improvements or features (one vote per US dollar). This will help guide me to fixing/improving things that are useful to users. I've been mainly focused on things that I personally use, and at this point want to shift more towards users needs.

To donate, use the Donate button above.

thank you



List of current features provided:
1) Real time wind - real time data collected and shown on the map.
2) Site Weather - Site by site real time data, and ok on a smartphone.
3) Favorite sensors - Graphical view of favorite sensors
4) Iphone compatible webpage - Best with Iphone, but may work with other phones
5) Free Wind Phone - Regular voice call to get wind
6) Wind Alerts - Email/SMS when the wind is up.
7) On Demand Text Messages - Call a number, get an SMS

Ideas for features/improvements to vote on:
-New wind sensor data sources
-More user customization (i.e. favorites on a map)
-Faster load times for webpages
-Better looking front page/map
-Support for other units besides mph/Fahrenheit
-Iphone/android/smartphone improvements
-Wind phone reliability and features
-Tides integration
-Anything else

WOTW server upgrade

The server upgrade is complete.

I switched from a shared host to a dedicated VPS.
This is a bit more work on the management side, but results in better control over the webserver.
Also better security, better uptime, and better speeds to get real time wind.
Alot more space is available, which means I'll be able to store more wind history data.
I can also host unlimited domains so new projects will be easy to implement.
Cost is about 3x per month, but not breaking the bank (yet).

Here is a week of stats - Uptime improvement is very significant.

Water temperatures

Not sure how long this rule has been around, but comes to mind each spring: The 100 degree rule.

Found a reference online, as related to water skiing:

"A good rule of thumb to follow for safe waterskiing is the "100 degree rule." This means the air temperature plus the water temperature should be greater than or equal to 100 degrees F to be skied comfortably. You can certainly ski in temperatures lower than the combined 100, however, most people feel that it becomes uncomfortable at that point."

Features to add

Add timestamp to map page so you can see the last updated time
Animate wind over last X hours, to see wind trends
Fix timestamp off by one hour issues.
upgrade to faster server, more reliable
backend improvements

Weather data mapping online

In building WindOnTheWater.com, I found many wind data sources online.
Different datasets are available online across many websites, in a number of different formats.
Seeing data on a map is so useful that most major weather websites provide a map interface to see data.
Here are some of the weather mapping websites I am familiar with, and a quick review of each.
Screen shot and link also provided because sometimes the map view is a bit hard to find on each website.


Official WOTW wind sensor: Sensor Model XX1 $199

Available sometime in 2011? through WindOnTheWater.com will be an affordable and reliable wind sensor (anemometer). The approximate cost will be USD $199. You supply a dry (indoor) place for the base unit with a power outlet and ethernet connection to the internet. This will allow you to mount a wind sensor 32 feet away from your power outlet and ethernet connection, such as a on a roof, pole, or dock with good wind exposure. This will be a stand alone unit, with no extra PC or any software configuration needed.

WindOnTheWater User Features

This website is probably most interesting to people who kiteboard, kitesurf, windsurf, landboard, snowkite, paraglide, or sail.

Here are a few features that make it easier to get real time wind to your cell phone or email.
You will need to create a free account to customize these features.



-1) Smartphone page - Smartphone map.
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